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Case Studies: Dubuque Community Church


Dubuque Community Church – Dubuque, Iowa

Geothermal heat pump system:

  • Three four-ton Florida Heat Pumps with two-speed, three-stage combination compressors.
  • Two 1/8-horsepower, two-pump Grundflos flow centers.

Geothermal loop system:

  • Horizontal closed loops, seven feet deep.
  • 12 slinky-style loops with 800 feet of pipe in each 120-foot trench.

At a glance:

  • Heat pumps are floor-mounted in closets for access and maintenance considerations.
  • Interior air delivered via decorative perforated DuctSox to keep ductwork out of limited attic space. Returns are conventional floor level design.


Pastor Dennis Schmidt: “We are extremely happy we put in geothermal. Our highest monthly electric bill last year was $107.32 – and that’s an incredible amount when you realize it includes heating, lighting, water heating and an electric stove.

"The heating and cooling has been very comfortable and has alleviated any of our member’s original concerns about lack of comfort.

"These low costs have enable us to use money that would have previously used for utilities to direct it to the ministry of helping people in our community.”

General contracting:

Paul Kramer Construction – Dubuque, Iowa

Mechanical contracting:

Hefel Geothermal – Dubuque, Iowa