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2016 Rebate Forms & Booklets

This page is intended to be a quick resource for all rebate claim forms. If you need additional information and requirements, browse the full listings at alliantenergy.com/rebates.

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Iowa Residential
Iowa Business
Iowa Agriculture

For all non-residential applicants:
If your tax status is sole proprietor or partnership, you must submit a copy of your W-9 showing the Social Security or Federal Tax ID number and the associated legal name listed on the document. To comply with IRS regulations, you must provide a copy of your W-9 every time you submit a claim. Download a PDF of a W-9, fill it out and submit with your rebate form.


  Iowa Residential Rebates
Download the 2016 Iowa residential rebates booklet
Download the 2016 Iowa residential rebates reference guide


Heating, Cooling and Water HeatingRebateClaim Form
Air Source Heat Pump (<65,000 Btu/h)$300+Claim Form
Central Air Conditioner (<65,000 Btu/h)$200+Claim Form
Clock Programmable Thermostat$10Claim Form
Ductless “Mini Split” Heat Pump$200Claim Form
Electrically Efficient Fan Motor$50Claim Form
Geothermal$1600+Claim Form
HVAC System Tuneup$50Claim Form
Natural Gas Furnace$500+Claim Form
Room Air Conditioner $20Claim Form
Water Heater$75Claim Form
Whole House Fan$125Claim Form
Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat$50Claim Form
Home Energy Assessment  
Home Energy AssessmentVariesRequest Online
Insulation and Home Sealing  
Home Sealing/Infiltration70%Home Energy Assessment
Insulation70%Home Energy Assessment
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs50%Be Bright Program
LED Light Bulbs50%Be Bright Program
Light Fixture50%Be Bright Program
New Home Construction  
New Home ConstructionVariesClaim Form
  Iowa Business Rebates
Download the 2016 Iowa business rebates booklet
Download the 2016 Iowa business rebates reference guide

Download the 2016 Iowa commercial and industrial rebates booklet 


Commercial New ConstructionRebateClaim Form
Commercial New ConstructionVariesApply Online
Commercial Water Heating  
Drain water Heat Transfer System$400Claim Form
Outdoor Spa or Hot Tub Cover$7Claim Form
Outdoor Swimming Pool Cover$0.50Claim Form
Water Heater$50+Claim Form
Computer Equipment  
Desktop and Integrated Computers$10Claim Form
Server: PC Network Mgmt. Software$6Claim Form
Server: Single or Family Configuration$10Claim Form
Thin Client$5Claim Form
Food Service Equipment  
Clothes Washer$200Claim Form
Dishwasher$125+Claim Form
Natural Gas Broiler$100+Claim Form
Natural Gas Fryer$500Claim Form
Natural Gas Griddle$600Claim Form
Ovens$200+Claim Form
Refrigerators and Freezers$25+Claim Form
Steam Cooker$800Claim Form
Heating and Cooling  
Boiler Vent Damper$150Claim Form
Chillers - Air Cooled$25Claim Form
Chillers - Water-Cooled Centrifugal$15Claim Form
Chillers - Water-Cooled Positive Displacement/Reciprocating$7Claim Form
Chiller Pipe Insulation$2Claim Form
Commercial Air Source Heat Pump$300+Claim Form
Commercial Central Air Conditioner < 65,000 Btu/h$200+Claim Form
Commercial Central Air Conditioner > 65,000 Btu/h$300+Claim Form
Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump$800+Claim Form
Commercial Natural Gas Boiler$300+Claim Form
Commercial Programmable Thermostat$50Claim Form
Electrically Efficient Fan Motor$100Claim Form
Hotel Keycard Control System$50+Claim Form
Chiller Tuneup$10/tonClaim Form
Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Tuneup$20/tonClaim Form
Furnace and Boiler Tuneup$0.35/Mbtu/hClaim Form
Natural Gas Furnace$500+Claim Form
Package Terminal Air Conditioner$40Claim Form
Package Terminal Heat Pump$75Claim Form
Premium Efficiency Commercial Air Source Heat Pump$150Claim Form
Steam Traps$100Claim Form
Variable Refrigerant Flow or Ductless Heat PumpVariesClaim Form
Insulation and Air Sealing  
Duct Repair, Sealing and Insulation$0.15+Business Energy Assessment
InsulationUp to $5KBusiness Energy Assessment
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs50%Claim Form
LED Bulbs and Fixtures$5+Claim Form
LED Replacements for Linear Fluorescents$0.40Claim Form
Lighting Controls$25+Claim Form
Linear Fluorescents, High Bay, HID, Induction, Delamping$4+Claim Form
Pin-Type Compact Fluorescent Fixture$20Claim Form
Replacement LED Traffic Lights$20+Claim Form
Motors and Variable Frequency Drives  
MotorsUp to $2,670Claim Form
Variable Frequency Drives$35Claim Form
Anti-Sweat Heater Controls$35Claim Form
Commercial Vending Machine Controllers$50Claim Form
ECM Motor$100Claim Form
Commercial Vending Machine$75Claim Form
Evaporator Fan Controllers for Walk-Ins $65Claim Form
LED Refrigerated Case Lighting$2Claim Form
Night Covers for Display Cases$7Claim Form
Scroll Compressor$70Claim Form
Strip Curtains for Walk-Ins$5Claim Form
  Iowa Agriculture Rebates
Download the 2016 Iowa agriculture rebates booklet
Download the 2016 Iowa agriculture rebates reference guide 


Agricultural LightingRebateClaim Form
CFL Bulbs and FixturesVariesClaim Form
Energy-Efficient Bulbs and Fixtures$3+Claim Form
Linear Fluorescent Lighting$3+Claim Form
Induction Lighting$30+Claim Form
LED Bulbs and Fixtures$10+Claim Form
Automatic Milker Takeoff$5Claim Form
Dairy Scroll Compressors$250Claim Form
Heat Reclaimer$5Claim Form
Livestock Waterer$40Claim Form
Milk Precooler$3.40Claim Form
VSD for Dairy Vacuum Pumps$5Claim Form
Grain Dryer$750+Claim Form
Low-Pressure Irrigation System$20Claim Form
Heating and Cooling  
Air-Source Heat Pump$400+Claim Form
Geothermal Heat Pump$1600+Claim Form
Motors and Variable Frequency Drives  
Motors$30+Claim Form
Variable Frequency Drives$35Claim Form
Livestock Circulating Fan$25+Claim Form
Livestock High-Volume, Low-Speed Fan$750Claim Form
Livestock Ventilation System$45+Claim Form