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Energy-Efficient Apartments

Having an energy-efficient apartment can save you money, help the environment, and improve your comfort. Tools on this page will help you find an energy-efficient apartment and make it even more efficient after you move in!

Average energy use and cost

Before you move, find out the cost of the unit’s monthly energy bill. This convenient, easy-to-use address search shows you an estimate of energy use and energy costs at the property based on the past year's usage.

Energy efficiency rating form

Another way to check the apartment’s energy-efficiency is to ask the landlord if they have completed the energy efficiency rating form. Landlords voluntarily rate their own properties and can provide the rating data to potential tenants like you!

The rating system awards points for installing energy efficiency upgrades.

Platinum Star – 38 points
Gold Star – 33 points
Silver Star – 27 points
Bronze Star – 21 points

If the landlord has not filled-out this form, consider asking them to fill one out and send you the results.

What you can do

There are several small things you can do around your apartment that can make a big difference in your utility bill costs.

  • Adjust your thermostat. If you lower the temperature ten degrees in winter, or raise it during the summer for at least eight hours a day, you can save ten percent on your energy bills - without sacrificing your comfort.
  • Check your furnace filter. Failing to clean or replace a filter can make your furnace and central air conditioner run harder, quickly reducing its operating efficiency and life span.
  • Install a water-saving showerhead. A family of four can cut their water-heating costs by $250 a year just by switching to an energy-saving showerhead.

More quick energy-saving tips


Alliant Energy offer rebates to customers in Iowa on ENERGY STAR® rated products to help make your utility bill more affordable. Customers in Wisconsin can visit Focus on Energy for rebate information.

Alliant Energy must provide the primary energy to the products for which the rebate is being paid. Also, please check with your landlord prior to making energy efficiency upgrades to your apartment.

Payment options

Why waste your time and money tracking down bills, buying stamps and making it to the mailbox on time? Make your life easier with our free payment options including Paperless Billing, Budget Billing and Automatic Payment.