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Multifamily Programs

Learn techniques for lowering energy costs in multifamily residences in the Business Energy Advisor.


Multifamily programs

Looking to lower the energy bills on your apartments or condominiums? Planning to build new energy-efficiency multifamily units? We’re here to help with a custom suite of money-saving services for multifamily property owners, managers and landlords.


Alliant Energy offers a complete suite of energy-efficiency services to address the unique needs of multifamily property owners, property managers and landlords.

  • Free energy assessments
  • New multifamily dwelling construction program
  • Rebates on energy-efficient measures for property owners
  • Rebates on energy-efficient measures for tenants

During the assessment, the energy expert will install basic energy-efficiency measures for tenant units and common areas at no cost. The energy expert will recommend rebate opportunities where appropriate for all tenants. If a custom rebate opportunity arises, the energy expert will recommend that idea to the property owner or manager.

Please note: In order to qualify for Alliant Energy's Multifamily Total Property Energy Assessment, Alliant Energy must provide your primary heating fuel.

New construction builders must contact Alliant Energy’s Multifamily Construction pre-registration hotline at 1-866-476-9534 or enroll online before construction begins.

Builders must provide the following information:

1. Builder/company name
2. Contact name
3. Contact phone number
4. Address of construction project
5. Construction start date
6. Estimated completion date
7. Program for which the builder is applying

Please contact Alliant Energy at 1-866-255-4268 to request a Multifamily Total Property Energy Assessment.

How do I apply?

First, pre-register your project when you start the process. Your builder will complete the rebate form after construction is completed. Discuss rebate allocation with your builder before construction begins.

How do I find a qualified dealer?
If you are a property manager or renter and would like to rate the energy efficiency of an apartment and/or apartment building, download Alliant Energy’s Energy-Efficiency Rating System for Rental Properties.

If you are a renter, here are some tips on finding an energy-efficient apartment, and how to make it even more so after you move in.