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Dealer FAQs

How do I become an energy efficiency dealer?

You must submit proof of the following documents:

  • A certificate of liability insurance with $1 million in general liability, bodily injury and property damage per each occurrence
  • Automobile Liability Insurance including coverage for bodily injury and property damage.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance for Energy Efficiency Dealer's employees to the extent of statutory limits and Occupational Disease and Employer's Liability Insurance 
  • Copy of your W-9
  • Energy Efficiency Dealer Network participation agreement form plus one of the following documents:
    • State or local contractors registration
    • Manufacturer's Training Certificate
    • Good Standing Certificate from the Secretary of State
    • Workforce Development Registration

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What is the phone number for claim form questions and help?

Call the Energy-Efficiency Hotline at 1-866-ALLIANT (1-866-255-4268).

How do I get more forms?

Download forms at alliantenergy.com/forms or e-mail dealers@alliantenergy.com.

How can I submit claim forms? Is there another way besides mailing?

Yes, in Iowa and Minnesota you can mail your claim forms or use the dedicated fax line at 319-450-0218. If you fax a claim form, please do not mail it.

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If I have a large commercial customer project to discuss, who do I call?

Call 1-866-255-4268 to speak to the Business Resource Center.

Why do the energy-efficiency programs differ for each state?

Each state sets its own guidelines for customer incentive programs:

  • In Iowa and Minnesota, incentive programs are mandated and overseen by the state regulatory commissions and administered directly by the utility companies.
  • In Wisconsin, regulators require that incentive programs be administered by an outside non-profit agency. In this case, it is Focus on Energy.

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