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SAVE Program and Certification

Starting January 1, 2014, HVAC contractors must be SAVE certified to receive dealer incentives and for the customer to receive rebate. SAVE certification classes are scheduled across Iowa.

What is the SAVE program?

Download a flier on the HVAC SAVE program [PDF]
Download Example of Paper Form to Collect Data [PDF]
Download SAVE Test Result Page [PDF]

SAVE stands for System Adjustment and Verified Efficiency. The SAVE Training Program from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) and the National Comfort Institute (NCI) is a statewide HVAC contractor training and certification effort in Iowa.

This one day intensive training program teaches you necessary skills to determine actual effective efficiency of any functioning HVAC system:

  • Hands-on demonstrations on how to perform critical HVAC tests, including static pressure and temperature diagnostics.
  • Equips you with all necessary testing skills, reference tables and charts, formulas, and engineering data to perform a comprehensive system performance rating report.

Students who successfully pass the certification exam at the end of the course will receive the SAVE certification that is valid in all three utility service territories as well as nationally recognized.

Why should you take this course?

The SAVE Program is approved for four hours of HVAC discipline and two hours of mechanical code. In addition, you’ll receive:

  • Skills you can apply to your business and increase your profits,
  • Nationally recognized certification,
  • Listing on the SAVE Website (www.hvacsave.com) in their certified contractor locator – a resource for customers looking for energy-efficient contractors.
  • Alliant Energy, MidAmerican Energy and Black Hills Energy support this program, so certification is valid when working for customers in all three utility service territories.
  • Dealer incentives and HVAC rebates will only be paid to SAVE-certified dealers.

How does SAVE benefit your customers?

Easy – it saves them money every single month on their energy bills and improves the performance of their equipment. Here are two Alliant Energy PowerHouse videos – one on peak efficiency and one on duct systems – that you can show customers that explain things in greater detail. Once word gets out on the benefits of SAVE installation, customers will demand SAVE certification.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the training and certification is $600.

  • The cost of this one day training and certification is $600.
  • Upon earning the certification, participants may also be eligible for an additional 50% off the cost through training reimbursement.

Sign up today!

For questions regarding the SAVE program please email Scott Yee at syee@mwalliance.org visit the SAVE Website at www.hvacsave.com.

For more information, contact Scott Arnold, Alliant Energy Trade Account Manager, at scottarnold@alliantenergy.com or by phone at 641-437-5221. You can also contact Alliant Energy's Energy Efficiency Hotline at 1-866-ALLIANT (1-866-255-4268).