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Home Energy Assessment

Good Cents AssessmentFor Alliant Energy residential customers in Minnesota

Every year, more and more people are choosing to cut down on energy waste by adding insulation to attics and walls, air sealing leaks, and upgrading appliances to newer, more efficient models. Help save energy and the environment by getting a Home Energy Assessment.

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What is a Home Energy Assessment?

If your home qualifies, we’ll send a certified energy expert to inspect your home. The auditor will identify ways for you to reduce your energy usage, give you estimates on how much the upgrades will cost, and tell you how much you can expect to save. The auditor may even install some energy-saving measures on the spot at no cost.

An infrared scan of the interior of your home is also available for an additional fee of $75. You can request this service when you schedule your Home Energy Assessment.

The energy expert will analyze many features of your home, including:

  • Building construction and tightness, including blower door test
  • Heating and cooling systems (if applicable, the energy expert will install a clock-programmable thermostat at no cost)
  • Insulation levels
  • Kitchen and laundry appliances (if applicable, the energy expert will install a smart strip)
  • Lighting (if applicable, the energy expert will install up to six ENERGY STAR® rated compact fluorescent light bulbs)
  • Water heating equipment (if applicable, the energy expert will install up to two faucet aerators, a low-flow showerhead, pipe insulation and water heater insulation wrap)
  • Windows and doors
  • The energy expert will also conduct a combustion safety check and a carbon monoxide test.

How do I qualify?

  • Alliant Energy must supply your home's primary heating energy. The primary heating source is the heating equipment permanently installed in your home (furnace, boiler, etc.), all other heating sources (space heater, corn stoves, etc.) are considered supplemental.
  • Your home must have been built before January 1, 2003.
  • Renters need owner’s prior approval (Alliant Energy would be happy to contact your home’s owner for approval).

How do I request a Home Energy Assessment?

Request a Home Energy Assessment

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