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Interruptible Programs

Alliant Energy Interruptible customers are eligible for lower energy prices throughout the year. By reducing consumption during periods of high demand on the electric grid, they enable Alliant Energy to provide reliable, consistent service to all customers. Without the interruptible program excess demand quickly drains the capacity of the electric system, resulting in lower voltage or even outages.

Current electric/gas interruptible status

interruptible programsHow it works

During peak usage time, typically during the summer Alliant Energy will notify predetermined contacts throughout your business prior to curtailment periods.

A typical curtailment:

  1. Alliant Energy's Systems Operations Center determines the need for curtailment.
  2. Your company is notified via our Power Manager Communication System.
  3. Depending on the curtailment option that you have agreed to, your company will reduce usage to pre-determined levels.
  4. Alliant Energy will notify your business when the curtailment period ends.

Iowa Interruptible Program
Minnesota Interruptible Program
Wisconsin Interruptible Program

Midwest ISO

For information on Locational Marginal Prices (LMP), visit the Midwest ISO Web page where you can view LMP maps, day-ahead price projections and pricing trends from previous years. (The node for IPL service territory is ALTW.DAEC; for the WPL service territory, ALTE.COLUMBAL1)