Emergency? Call 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268)

Outage Do's & Don'ts

DO report your outage on our web site or call us right away.

If your power goes out, either report your outage on our web site or call our automated outage hotline. Either way gets outage information to our dispatch center quickly. This gets our crews rolling to the scene of the outage faster.

DON'T use candles for lighting.

Avoid using candles during power outages - the risk of fire is too great. If you must use candles, place them on a stable surface away from combustible materials, and keep a close eye on children and pets.

NEVER leave a candle burning when leaving a room or going to bed.

DO unplug as many appliances as possible.

When a storm involves high winds, lightning, heavy snow or ice, turn off and unplug as many appliances as possible. This will prevent damage from a power surge when service is restored.

After the storm has passed, plug in and turn them on one at a time.

DO avoid downed power lines.

When you venture outside, check the area for downed power lines. If you see one, notify us immediately at 1-800-ALLIANT (1-800-255-4268).

Don't allow anyone to touch or drive over a power line - even an experienced line mechanic can't tell if a line is energized just by looking at it. Always assume a downed line is dangerous, even if it's not jumping or sparking.

DON'T enter a flooded home or building.

If your home or business is flooded, never enter standing water unless you're absolutely sure the main power has been shut off.

DO use extreme caution when cleaning up storm damage on your property.

Downed or damaged power lines can send electrical currents through tree branches and metal fences, so survey the area carefully - especially if you'll be using a pruning pole, ax or chainsaw.

DON'T attempt to assist emergency and utility crews.

If you would like to assist with recovery and clean-up efforts, it's best to contact your local Red Cross to see where help is needed most.

Brochures and fact sheets:

PowerHouse: Weathering the Storm [PDF]