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Restoring Your Power

Alliant Energy is proud of our record of service. In recent years, nearly 75 percent of all power outages in our service territory have been repaired in two hours or less.

Assessing the situation

Every call helps Alliant Energy crews and operators know how large the outage is and allow them diagnose the scale and cause of the outage.

Once the cause and impact of a power outage is diagnosed, our Distribution Dispatch Center calls in crews and dispatches them to repair any damaged equipment and get the power flowing again.

Outage protocols

Alliant Energy and other utility companies follow a standard protocol for restoring power quickly and safely:

  • Make sure police and fire departments and hospitals have power.
  • Check generation facilities to determine if the original power source is still operating.
  • Repair transmission lines that carry electricity from the generation stations to substations.
  • Repair substations where high-voltage power from the transmission lines is reduced for home usage.
  • Repair distribution lines that carry electricity from substations to each neighborhood.
  • Repair the tap lines that serve anywhere from 20-300 homes and businesses.
  • Reconnect lines to individual customers - this is the most difficult and time-consuming step in the restoration process.

When this process is complete, your home may still be without power. That means there is damage to your home's electrical system and a licensed electrician will be needed to complete the work.