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Utility Work Zones

Utility Work Zones

For your safety and to protect utility employees, please use caution when driving in a utility work zone.

Utility crews often work near streets and highways when installing gas mains or working on electric power lines.

Motor vehicle fatalities in work zones are on the rise, despite a downward trend in overall roadway fatalities. Surprisingly, 85 percent of people killed in work zones aren't utility workers, but vehicle drivers and occupants.

Utility work zones are clearly marked with signs or work zone flaggers, so pay close attention to the roadway, slow down and don't tailgate.

And don't forget that speed limits may be reduced in work zones, and fines may double if you are caught speeding.

To ensure safety and protect our utility workers, please don't verbally distract Alliant Energy line crew while working on electrical lines by trying to get their attention.

Thanks for helping us keep our employees safe!