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Lightning Protection

lightningA certified lightning protection system can be a good investment for your farm buildings.

These systems provide a direct path to the ground for electricity from a lightning strike, reducing the risk of injuries, fire and surge damage.

A lightning protection system consists of several parts:

  • Air terminals (lightning rods): Metal rods attached to building roofs to intercept the lightning.
  • Ground terminations: Metal rods driven into the ground (eight-foot minimum recommended).
  • Conductors: Aluminum or copper cables that connect the lightning rods to the ground terminations.
  • Surge arrestors and suppressors: Devices that protect electrical equipment by absorbing and/or dissipating excess electricity.

The lightning protection grounding system should be connected to the electrical grounding system at one location, preferably outside.

Any non-current carrying metal part of the electrical system that is within six feet of the lightning system should be bonded to prevent arcing in the event of a lightning strike.


Download the “Electrical Safety on Your Farm” brochure [PDF]

Download the Farm Electrical Safety Checklist [PDF]