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Overhead Power Lines and Underground Pipelines

Overhead power lines

Overhead power lines are a significant risk of electrocution on the farm. Always keep in mind that most overhead power lines have no protective insulation.

farm overhead linesIn addition, high-voltage lines can sag several feet when they are hot. Allow extra space near high voltage lines; the current can “arc” to conductive materials near the line without actually touching.

  • Be aware of power lines whenever you're moving equipment like augers, conveyors, sprayers, bale elevators, hoppers and scaffolds. Maintain at least a 10-foot clearance.
  • Keep smaller equipment like ladders, poles, rods or irrigation pipes at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines.
  • If you're planning a new building, contact your Alliant Energy agribusiness representative or a licensed electrician for help placing electrical service lines.
  • Take care when climbing, trimming or cutting trees, especially after a storm. Broken or damaged power lines can send electricity through tree limbs and fences, so use extreme caution with chain saws, axes and pruning poles.
  • Be sure your children do not fly kites or balloons with long strings in the vicinity of power lines.

Grain bin regulations

The National Electrical Safety Code requires that power lines be at least 18 feet above the highest point on any grain bin with which portable augers and other portable filling equipment is used. The clearance must be maintained a specified distance around the bin.

Be sure to contact your Alliant Energy Ag Services representative for assistance in planning before the bin site is confirmed.


Underground Pipelines

If farming activities include deep plowing, fence post installation, trenching, leveling, tiling, sub-soiling, and/or other excavation work, it's especially important to call your state One Call Center before digging begins. Get your state’s number here.”  


Download the Electrical Safety on Your Farm” brochure [PDF]

Download the Farm Electrical Safety Checklist [PDF]

Download Farm Safety Brochure [PDF]