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Electric Safety Training

Welcome to Alliant Energy’s online training for electricity.

We consider you an important partner in our electric safety awareness program, and your safety is a priority! Utility emergencies present unique dangers that responders must be aware of and be prepared to handle.Online training

That's why we're providing this opportunity to participate in our free online training program, Responding to Utility Emergencies. This type of critical knowledge and preparation will lead to more favorable outcomes and ultimately save lives.

Electricity can be dangerous and must be respected. Responding to Utility Emergencies Online is an effective way to bridge the training gap and reach those first responders who need a refresher on how to operate safely at a utility emergency.

Click here to go to the training course - alliantenergy.rtueonline.com

Are you also an electric customer? If you have electric service at your home, don't forget to read about all the important safety messages for using electricity safely, no matter where you are.