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Meter Reading Basics

For Iowa customers

Once a month, an Alliant Energy meter reader will come to your home and record the reading on your electric and/or gas meter. You will be billed for the amount of energy you have used since the previous meter reading.

meter readerThe normal meter reading period is 25-35 days, but this schedule will fluctuate with weather conditions, resource restrictions and holidays.

Your meter reader will make every effort to read your meter as scheduled but is subject to change without prior notice due to weather conditions, illness, holidays and resource restrictions.

If your meter reader is unable to enter your property due to any safety hazards, your meter will not be read and your usage will be estimated according to the previous year's usage during the same month. Any difference from your actual usage will be adjusted on the following month's bill.

For Wisconsin customers

In our WPL service territory, customers have Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) smart meters. This technology means there is no need for a meter reader to visit your meter each month. Instead, AMI technology uses remote two-way wireless communication to retrieve customer energy usage information at frequent intervals from customers' electric smart meters and/or natural gas meters via a Radio Frequency (RF) fixed network. A Meter Data Management System receives and houses the data for analysis and use by other systems such as billing and power outage management.

The smart meters only transmit energy usage readings and diagnostic information. Just like the old mechanical meters, smart meters measure how much energy customers use, not how they use energy. For more information on these smart meters, be sure to visit our Smart Grid section.

How to identify an Alliant Energy meter reader

All Alliant Energy employees carry a photo ID card that they are prepared to show at your request. Don't let anyone enter your home if he or she cannot show you proof of identification. If you have a concern, please call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268) for verification.

You might notice an Alliant Energy meter reader using binoculars along his or her route. This allows us to read more meters each day, and helps us avoid estimating readings in areas where the meter is inaccessible. Only our most experienced and proficient meter readers are allowed to use binoculars to ensure accurate readings.

Brochures and fact sheets:

Your Guide to Meter Reading: Iowa [PDF]

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