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Keeping Your Meter Accessible

Alliant Energy meter readers walk an average of 10 to 15 miles each day to make sure your bill is accurate, but they sometimes encounter dangerous or difficult situations.

meter readerIf your meter reader is unable to enter your property due to any safety hazards, your meter will not be read and your usage will be estimated.

We will skip your meter if any animal on your premises is not restrained. Even the friendliest pooch can become an aggressive guard dog when a stranger comes around.

During the winter, be sure to clear the snow and ice from your energy meters - especially your natural gas meter. This is an important note even for customers who participate in the AMI Smart Grid program, where meter readers do not make routine visits. Snow and ice can damage gas meters and pipes. Use a broom to keep gas service equipment clear during the winter. Vents for gas appliances must also be cleared following a major snow or ice storm to enable proper venting and prevent carbon monoxide accumulation.

For safety, it's also important to make sure meters remain easy to reach - quick access to your meters may be critical in an emergency. Keep the area around your meters clear of weeds, flowers, bushes and debris.

If your meter is located inside your home or inside a locked fence, please make arrangements with our Customer Service Center to provide access to our meter reader.

Brochures and fact sheets:

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