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Why is My Winter Heating Bill High?

Historic cold raises energy bills
This winter has been one of the coldest in recent memory, and we know that it has put a strain on many families’ heating budgets. Based on weather data through February and normal weather in March, we expect the average residential customer to pay about $587, or 14 percent more than the $518 they paid for heating costs the previous winter.

The month of January saw 15 days where the temperature was below zero, and this winter through the end of February has been 18 percent colder than the previous winter. As a result, Alliant Energy customers used approximately 27 percent more natural gas from October 2013 through the end of February, than they did last winter. 

How can I compare what I used this year to what I used last year?
Log into My Account or create an account if you don’t have one. Once you are logged on you can look up information on your current and past usage, bills and more.

What if I’m struggling to pay my bill?
If you need extra time to catch up on your Alliant Energy bill, you may be eligible for a payment extension or payment arrangement. Contact us at 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268).

You can also see whether you qualify for energy assistance.

How can I avoid spikes in my bills?
Sign up for Budget Billing, which evens out your payments by spreading heating and cooling costs across the year. Your payment is the same each month, with semi-annual adjustments based on actual usage.

What can I do to cut back on using energy?
Take a look at ways to eliminate energy waste going forward, so you can ease future strains on your pocket book.

Are the utility payment scams I heard about last year still happening?
Yes. When you make payments on your utility bill, don’t let your hard-earned money fall into the wrong hands. Scam artists continue to prowl our service area, threatening customers with disconnection or meter replacement if immediate payments aren’t made.

Please remember that we do not ask customers by phone or email to make immediate payments or purchase prepaid cards, and there is no charge for changing or testing utility meters. We use secure payment processes. If you are unsure if the contact you’ve received is legitimate, call us to verify your account status before paying. Do not click on links in emails you’ve received and be sure you’ve visited alliantenergy.com when making a payment.