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Alliant Energy News - February 2014

For Minnesota customers
Vol. 18, Issue 2


LED-Bulb-solo.jpg2014 energy-efficiency residential rebates

Whether it’s a thermostat or insulation, you may need to make an energy-related purchase this year. Here is a sampling of our energy-efficiency rebates.

Appliance rebates

  • Clothes washer = Up to $100
  • Dishwasher = $20
  • Freezer = $25
  • Refrigerator = $50

Building shell rebate

  • Home sealing = 70% of total cost, up to $200

Heating, cooling & hot water rebates

  • Clock-programmable thermostat = Up to $25
  • Natural gas tank water heater = $50
  • Natural gas tankless water heater = $300
  • Electric tank water heater = $50
  • Annual heating system maintenance = Up to $30

Lighting rebates

  • LED lightbulb = $10 per bulb (up to 50% of purchase price)
  • Compact fluorescent bulb = $10 per bulb (up to 50% of purchase price)

Window rebate

  • Window = $20 each

Other services


Mag-house.jpgOur best energy-saving advice is a Home Energy Assessment

If there is one piece of energy-conserving, money-saving advice we could give to homeowners, it would be this: get a Home Energy Assessment.

It’s free (a service worth $400) and it can teach you so much about your home and your energy use.

Residential customers who have had a Home Energy Assessment often say that they had no idea how interesting and informative it was going to be. They learn how their home works and sometimes about hidden problems that otherwise would have grown into more expensive issues.

During a basic Home Energy Assessment, a professional energy expert will come to your home and give it a top-to-bottom energy inspection, pinpointing energy waste. The expert will even install some energy-saving measures on the spot for free, where applicable, like:

  • Compact fluorescent lightbulbs
  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Safety checks for things like carbon monoxide
  • Smart power strip
  • Water heater wrap

The energy expert will give you a customized energy report, telling you where your home is losing energy, and what you can do about it. If the energy loss requires repairs, the energy expert will tell you how much the repairs might cost, and how much the repairs could save you on your energy bill each month.

You must receive your primary heating energy or electric cooling energy (heat home with propane, electric, wood, etc.) from Alliant Energy. Your home must also be at least 10 years old or built before 2004.

Schedule your Home Energy Assessment at your convenience by visiting us online or calling 1-866-ALLIANT (866-255-4268).


Construction-Lumber.jpgBuild in some wiggle room

Thinking about building a new home? Choose energy efficiency – it gives you wiggle room. For every dollar you invest in energy efficiency, you increase the value of your home by up to $26 (source: The Appraisal Journal). Plus, all those energy-efficiency upgrades can lower your monthly heating and cooling bills by about $26.

Increased home value, lower energy bills, a nicer home … and we haven’t even mentioned the cherry on top! Alliant Energy offers 2014 New Home Construction energy-efficiency rebate packages, up to $3,500.


Smart-Phone.jpgConnect with us on your smart phone

Did you know we’re here for you on your smart phone? Alliant Energy’s mobile website has quick and easy buttons to view and pay your bill or report an outage. You can also check the status of an outage or the impact of severe weather across the region.

To pay your bill using your smart phone you must be signed up for online account access and have saved your bank information in this secure environment. To sign up, go online, look for the yellow box labeled “My Account” and then visit Enroll in Online Access.


pete-pipe.jpgDIY with PowerHouse

Ready to tackle a DIY home project? Make your first stop powerhousetv.com or the PowerHouse YouTube channel. You’ll find do-it-yourself videos that take you step-by-step through the most common energy-efficiency projects.


Phone-Operator-Woman.jpgHow you can avoid disconnection

Overwhelmed by winter heating bills? If you’re behind on your payments, please contact us soon. Don’t wait for a disconnection notice. Your best defense against being disconnected is working with us now on payment options and arrangements.

Before you receive a disconnection notice, please call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268) right away to discuss a payment plan and to learn about our payment options. You might be surprised at how easy it is. We are willing to work with you.


Balance your budget

Balancing your budget can be challenging, but with Alliant Energy’s Budget Billing program, you can spread heating and cooling costs over the entire year. You pay the same amount each month so you can budget effectively.


Apartments.jpgHelp your neighbors in need

Join the many Alliant Energy customers, employees and shareowners who contribute to the Hometown Care Energy Fund, which helps local families struggling to keep up with their utility bills. Donations go directly to neighbors in need, with funds administered by local community action programs. You can contribute by calling 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268).

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