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Alliant Energy News - June 2013

For Iowa customers
Vol 17, Issue 6


Appliance CyclingStay cool and earn money

Appliance Cycling makes it easy

Residential customers can volunteer to participate in our Appliance Cycling program. You simply agree to have a device placed on your air conditioner that turns the unit on and off in 15 minute increments. Don’t worry about melting like a snowman; your fan continues to circulate the cooler, drier air already in your home, so you will continue to stay cool.

We only cycle you air conditioner or electric water heater when we truly need the extra power between May 15 to September 15, and never on the weekends. In addition to saving energy, you can also earn an extra $32 bill credit per year for cycling your air conditioner.


smart phoneDo more with your smart phone

This summer when you’re out and about, you can take care of business with us via your smart phone. Alliant Energy’s mobile website enables you to pay your bill, report an outage, and check the status of an outage or the impact of severe weather in your area.

To pay your bill using your smart phone you will need to sign up for My Account and save your bank information in this secure environment. To sign up, go to alliantenergy.com, look for the yellow box labeled “My Account” and click on the “Enroll in Online Access” link.


Garage SaleQ: Can I put my garage sale sign on a power pole?

A: Summer is the season for garage sales, but we ask that you don’t put signs or other attachments on power poles. Stapling signs to poles causes a safety hazard for workers that need to climb them and repeated stapling damages and weakens the poles. Instead, use a lawn sign.


Checking FurnaceFind an energy expert with the Dealer Locator

Sometimes it can be hard to know who to call to work on your air conditioner or furnace, install insulation, or simply talk to you about upgrading your appliances. This is when it’s nice to know that Alliant Energy has you covered. We have a core group of trusted professionals that are part of our Energy Efficiency Dealer Network. These dealers know how to make your home or business more energy efficient and they are only a click or call away.


Ladder on gutterAvoid these common summer hazards

Outdoor activities during the summer can present some unique safety risks.

  • Balloons: Tether Mylar balloons at all times to keep them from drifting into power lines. Because of the metallic properties of these balloons, they can cause a power surge when they come in contact with a power line, which can lead to a power outage, fire and possible injuries.
  • Digging: Avoid underground utilities like gas lines, electric and communication cables, and water pipes when you dig or drive a stake. Call 811 three days before digging to have underground utilities on your property marked for free. If you have to dig within 18 inches of the marks, dig carefully by hand.
  • Power tools: If you’re using a plug-in power tool, be careful around pools or puddles to avoid electrical shock or electrocution.
  • Ladders: Whether you are cleaning your gutters or working on your roof, look up for power lines! Never use metal ladders around electrical equipment, but rather use a nonconductive ladder, like fiberglass.
  • Tree trimming: If you’re planning on tree trimming, call 1-800-ALLIANT three days before you start. We’ll either do the trimming for you, or make the power lines safe so you can do it yourself.


Family doing LaundryDoes Time of Day Pricing work for you?

Time of Day Pricing rewards you with a 50% discount for using energy during off-peak hours. Off-Peak Spring/Summer Hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. (daylight saving time) and all day Saturday and Sunday.

To receive your discount sign up for this service and then make a few small changes:

  • Set your programmable thermostat higher while you are away.
  • Use your large appliances, like dishwasher, washing machine and dryer in the evening or on the weekends.

There is a 40% premium for the energy you use during on-peak hours (8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Monday – Friday) and depending on the type of electric meter you have, a special meter may need to be installed. There is no additional cost for the meter, but there is an approximate $3.35 service charge per month. Still, most Time of Day Pricing customers do save money. We suggest you try the service for one full year. If you find that you don’t save money, you can be removed from the program.


Make a triple play!

Three ways to save you time

Baseball season has started and you can make a time-saving triple play when you sign up for three of our free payment programs.

To start, enroll in My Account and then sign up for the three payment options that make bill paying easier and quicker than ever.

BaseballPay the same amount every month with Budget Billing. Your payments are averaged to spread heating and cooling costs evenly throughout the year.

BaseballNever forget a payment with Automatic Payment. Your payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month.

BaseballCut the clutter with Paperless Billing. We’ll email you when your bill is ready to view online.

Check off these three tasks on your to-do list! No more paper bills to file, checks to mail, or bill amounts to manage. Combine all three programs and enjoy your free time!

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