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Alliant Energy News - December 2013

For Iowa and Minnesota customers
Vol 17, Issue 12


Snow-Cold-Thermometer.jpgPut the freeze on heating bills

What’s the single most asked question at Alliant Energy this time of year? That’s easy: “What can I do to lower my winter heating bills?” We have a few tips to get you saving this winter:

Take the 10-Degree Challenge. Program your thermostat to go down to 62 degrees while you are at work or asleep. Then have it heat back up to 72 degrees an hour before you get home or wake up. Doing this for just eight hours a day, seven days a week would cut your annual heating bill by about $84. Alliant Energy offers clock-programmable thermostat rebates of up to $25 for Iowa and Minnesota customers.

If you simply need to caulk, weather strip or add window film, remember that Alliant Energy will pay for 70% of your home sealing supplies up to $200, whether you buy them yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. If you need to insulate your home, Alliant Energy will pay for 70% of the total cost of your insulation, up to $750 for Iowa and Minnesota customers, as long as you get your FREE Home Energy Assessment first.


Mortarboard-and-books.jpgHigh school students: Apply for a Community Service Scholarship

Each year the Alliant Energy Foundation awards 25 high school students with a $1,000 Community Service Scholarship. Award selection is based on leadership in community service, volunteer work, academic grade point average, standardized test scores, and a 300-word essay. Online applications will be accepted starting on December 1, 2013. Completed applications are due February 17, 2014.


SnowFlake2.jpgThis winter, do more online

Cold weather and the holiday season leave us looking for more ways to run errands online. When you sign up for My Account, you can:

  • Pay or sign up to receive your utility bill online
  • Check your account balance and due date
  • Review 18 months of energy use and payment history
  • Enroll to have your bill paid automatically


Second-Nature-Wind.jpgSupport renewable energy

This holiday season consider the gift of renewable energy. Second NatureTM, Alliant Energy’s voluntary green energy pricing program, provides an easy and low-cost way to invest in renewable energy.

Electric customers who join Second Nature make a monthly contribution that supports the cost of harvesting the wind, solar and other renewable energy. This is a great option for customers that want to support renewable energy, but don’t have the space to install a renewable energy system at their home or farm.


Apartments.jpgFinancial support available for eligible households

Your household may be eligible for help with your heating bills. For Iowa customers, aid is available through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. For Minnesota customers, help is available through the Energy Assistance Program.

Eligibility is based on multiple factors including household income, household size, fuel type and type of housing. Some households may also receive weatherization services through the program, which will help reduce energy usage and increase the overall comfort of the home.


furnace-guy-11.jpgWhat to do when a pilot light goes out

Appliances that use natural gas, like a furnace, stove, water heater, or clothes dryer might have a pilot light. There are some natural gas appliances that have an electronic ignition and those do not have a pilot light.

If your pilot light does go out, the appliance won’t work properly. Alliant Energy recommends customers have a professional technician relight the pilot light that has gone out. The technician will diagnose the problem and make necessary repairs.

If you attempt to light a pilot light, proceed with caution. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and precautions regarding the appliance.


Family-Appliance-Refrigerator-Shop.jpgGive your old fridge or freezer the boot

Are you getting a new refrigerator or freezer for the holidays? Don’t forget to recycle the old one. Our recycling contractors will come pick it up and give you $50, as long as it is still working and Alliant Energy provides your electric service. Just think of all the energy you’ll save every month by kicking that old energy hog to the curb. Working room air conditioners also qualify for a recycling rebate of $25.

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