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Alliant Energy News - November 2013

For Iowa customers
Vol 17, Issue 11


Woman-Looking.jpgGet a sneak peak at 2014 rebates

Every five years, Alliant Energy revises the energy-efficiency rebate programs in Iowa to include new energy-saving technologies. Some of the new technologies we expect to add for residential customers in 2014* include:

  • Air-to-air heat exchangers
  • Ductless “mini-split” heat pumps
  • Annual system maintenance for existing central air conditioners
  • Wi-Fi programmable thermostats
  • Whole-house fans

WiFi-Thermostat.jpgOther items, including compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED light bulbs, will qualify for instant rebates at participating stores. This means no claim forms to fill out and mail in for residential light bulbs!

Alliant Energy offers rebates to encourage you to invest in high-efficiency products. You fund our rebate programs and we bring those dollars back to you in the form of money-saving rebate programs. It makes sense to only rebate products that help save energy above and beyond the standard efficiency products on the market. We’re spending your dollars as you would – wisely.

Because most of the choices on the market are energy-efficient, residential rebates for these items are being discontinued:

You still can get rebates for purchasing these items before December 31, 2013.

If you have 2013 rebate claim forms to submit, remember to turn them in by January 31, 2014, to qualify for reimbursement. 2013 claim forms received after this date are not eligible for payment.

*These new rebate programs have been proposed to the Iowa Utilities Board as part of Alliant Energy’s Energy Efficiency Plan for 2014-2018 and at the time of printing are awaiting approval.


QA-big.jpgRebate changes Q & A

As the year ends, we’ve been getting more questions from customers on the upcoming changes to our energy-efficiency rebate programs. In addition to telling you what’s going and what’s staying, we thought we’d dive a bit deeper into our mailbag and share some answers to the questions we’ve received.

Q. Who decides what rebates to offer?

A. Alliant Energy’s energy efficiency team works closely with consulting energy engineers to determine which technologies offer the maximum energy savings per customer dollar spent. The team then puts their findings together in a plan and presents it to the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) every five years. The IUB, along with many other reviewers, carefully reviews and revises the plan. Everyone’s goal is to make sure customers’ dollars are wisely spent on rebate programs that lower energy bills in the most efficient way possible.

Q. Why do you take away specific rebates, even when they are popular?

A. Our rebates are designed to encourage you to try energy-efficient products that you might not otherwise buy. Often, these products are more expensive than the less-efficient choices. When the marketplace evolves to a point where all of the products are energy-efficient, it no longer makes sense to offer a rebate. Alliant Energy would not be spending your money wisely if we did so.

Q. Who pays for your rebates?

A. All Alliant Energy customers fund the energy-efficiency programs, which includes rebates.

Q. Why does Alliant Energy offer rebate programs in the first place?

A. Offering energy-efficiency rebates helps us control our energy demand. In turn, this helps us be prudent about our need to build power plants and buy energy on the often-expensive open market. This keeps prices lower for you, our customers. Additionally, the programs provide you with an easy way to control your energy costs.

Q. How long will these new rebates be around?

A. Since these rebates are part of the new energy efficiency plan that we just filed with the Iowa Utilities Board, these rebates should be around through 2018. But any rebate program is subject to change at any time.


Customer-Man.jpgThis holiday season, take one more task off your list

When schedules are busy, you can cross one more task off your list: paying your utility bill. Sign up for Automatic Payment to have your utility bill automatically deducted from your bank account each month. Enroll today, through My Account, and take the stress out of your holiday. You can also sign up for Budget Billing to keep your payment amounts consistent.


LED-Bulbs.jpgBe Bright with CFLs and LEDs

With every dollar needing to go further these days, purchasing energy-saving lighting options – compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) – is an easy way to save money. Plus, the Alliant Energy Be Bright program helps you take advantage of discounts instantly, right at the store checkout.

Light bulb instant rebates

LED bulbs

$10 per bulb instant rebate (not to exceed 50% of purchase price)

CFL bulbs

50% of bulb price instant rebate (excluding tax)

Participating retailers

This year, 358 Iowa retailers are participating in the Be Bright program and marking down ENERGY STAR® qualified light bulbs. See a list of participating retailers and once you’re in the store, look for the purple and blue Be Bright signs to find the sales.

More information

If you’d like to know more about the 2013 Be Bright program or have more questions about ENERGY STAR light bulbs, visit iowachangealight.com or call 1-800-339-6856.

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