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Large Format Digital, Inc. is "Thinking Green in Lean Times"

Edgerton business incorporating energy-efficiency throughout its structure and operation

MADISON, WI – June 9, 2009 – An Edgerton-based provider of vehicle photographic color printing is taking “being green” to the extreme with its numerous actions to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Large Format Digital has worked diligently to conserve energy through the implementation of several energy-efficiency projects, and there are even more to come as the company pursues Energy Star certification with the help of Wisconsin Power and Light Company (WPL), an Alliant Energy company.

“Our company and our employees have a strong belief in conserving energy and reducing the impact we have on the environment,” said Jeff Rank, Large Format Digital Specialty Program Manager. “We feel that it’s important for everyone to do their part in being energy efficient and we have worked hard to integrate energy-saving projects throughout our business process.”

The commitment to energy efficiency began during the construction of the firm’s new facility in 2008 when it was decided to use “tilt-up” construction, which is more airtight and better insulated than standard construction. Modulating/condensing boilers were also installed that deliver heat to the floor, a more efficient process know as “in-floor” heating.

Windows in the building were later covered with a unique window film to both keep heat in during the winter and keep it out during the summer. The firm additionally incorporated day-lighting practices with windows close to the ceiling that allow more natural light into the structure. The day-lighting works hand-in-hand with electric high-efficiency lighting, which is controlled by a special system that turns off the light circuits when outside light coming into the building is adequate.

A further green project includes using EcoMedia™, a revolutionary film line for UV printers that is 100% biodegradable and recyclable versus traditional PVC film. It is stronger and cleaner than PVC and can be used to replace PVC in all applications. EcoMedia™’s complete product line includes banner, backlit and block-out films in various widths and weights. And to complete the green solution, all EcoMedia™ products are packaged with 100% eco-friendly materials.

Many of the energy-efficiency projects were funded with WPL’s Shared Savings program.

Shared Savings offers industrial, commercial, agricultural and other business customers energy efficiency improvement identification and implementation assistance, bundled with low-cost capital financing for the purchase and installation of the improvements.

Customers repay WPL from their monthly energy dollar savings over a contract term and continue to receive all the savings when the payments are complete. In many cases, the energy dollars saved result in a positive cash flow in excess of the cost of the Shared Savings payment.

“I’ve visited the company several times and the Large Format Digital facility is clearly state-of-the-art in terms of energy sustainability,” said Jeff McCarthy, Alliant Energy Strategic Account Manager. “I applaud the company for everything it has done to be green and I have enjoyed working with and advising Jeff and his staff on energy-efficiency improvement projects.”

While the firm’s structure was built with energy-efficiency in mind, the commitment to conserving energy resources did not stop there. Large Format Digital’s delivery truck is a flex-fuel vehicle, the company car is a hybrid and the office equipment is all Energy Star certified.

The business intends to seek Energy Star certification as recognition for their energy-efficiency efforts. Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Being Energy Star certified is among the highest honors in energy-efficiency and communicates a national mark of excellence in energy performance. It typically generates twice the energy savings in terms of cost-savings and the environment versus typical approaches to energy efficiency.

“It’s a pleasure working with Large Format Digital as they go after Energy Star certification,” added McCarthy. “They are very deserving of the recognition and we hope that you’ll soon see a sign out in front of their building with the Energy Star logo.”

Large Format Digital products include fleet and trade show graphics and signs. The firm also provides prepress, printing and color management, finishing and installation services. The company’s energy-efficiency plans are ongoing and even more future projects are in the planning stages.