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Cargill Kitchen Solutions receive energy-efficiency rebate

Alliant Energy presents rebate check for more than $52,700

MASON CITY, Iowa – February 1, 2010 – Proving that green business practices are not only good for the environment but for the bottom line as well, Interstate Power & Light Company, an Alliant Energy company (Alliant Energy), announced that Cargill Kitchen Solutions has earned more than $52,700 in rebates for their proactive efforts in reducing energy usage at their Mason City facility.

As part of the Custom Rebate program, Mason City improved the reliability, safety and energy efficiency of the ammonia refrigeration system. The project included upgrades of the Logix Control system, installation of modulating liquid feed valve and controls and installation of values and controls on existing condensers.

The improvements will help Cargill decrease expected electricity consumption by more than 826,549 kWh each year. This results in the company saving an estimated $39,600 on its annual energy bill and earning $52,743 in energy efficiency rebates from Alliant Energy.

In addition to lowering its energy bill and receiving an extra cash incentive from Alliant Energy, Cargill Kitchen Solutions is also doing its part to reduce its environmental impact. By converting to energy-efficient lighting, the company will avoid more than 594 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. This is equivalent to removing about 113 passenger vehicles from Iowa roadways or the carbon sequestered annually from 127 acres of trees.

“Our company and our employees have a strong belief in conserving energy and reducing the impact we have on the environment,” says Troy Swanson-Plant Manager, Cargill Kitchen Solutions. “We look to innovation as a way to preserve and protect the environment, whether by using energy and resources more wisely or helping our costumers shrink their environmental footprints.”

Cargill Kitchen Solutions is a leading marketer of high value, further-processed egg products in the United States. Their customers include premier quick-service restaurant chains as well as food manufacturers.

“Cargill has been very proactive in energy efficiency,” said Jim Collins-Strategic Account Manager, Alliant Energy. ”I applaud the company for everything it has done to be green and have enjoyed working with the leadership on the improvement projects.”

Alliant Energy offers numerous rebate programs for residential, business, farm or commercial facilities in Iowa. Custom rebates are available for energy-savings projects that do not qualify for standard equipment rebates. Making energy-savings improvements in commercial facilities reduces energy use and results in lower energy bills for years to come.

Custom rebates are available to Alliant Energy’s retail electric and/or natural gas commercial, industrial and agricultural customers in Iowa. To qualify, energy efficiency projects must be located within Alliant Energy’s Iowa service territory. Energy experts are available to explain efficiency standards and help businesses determine their total rebate. For more information, visit www.alliantenergy.com/customrebates or call 1-866-ALLIANT.