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Hormel Foods builds efficiency into new progressive processing plant

Company earns nearly $240,000 in energy efficiency rebates from Alliant Energy

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – March 30, 2010 – Proving that green business practices are not only good for the environment but for the bottom line as well, Interstate Power & Light Company, an Alliant Energy company (Alliant Energy), announced that Progressive Processing, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Hormel Foods of Austin, MN.) earned nearly $240,000 in incentives for their proactive efforts to build energy efficiency into their new Dubuque production facility.

Hormel Foods utilized Alliant Energy’s Commercial New Construction program, which encourages commercial customers to include energy efficiency as a focus when designing and building new facilities. At the new Progressive Processing facility, energy efficiency was part of the design in many facets of the building including insulation, windows, skylights, daylighting controls, occupancy sensors, water source heat pumps and variable speed drives.

These significant efforts in building efficiency have not only yielded the company a significant incentive from Alliant Energy, but will continue to pay off over the life of the facility with an estimated annual energy savings of approximately 28 percent – or $143,000 less in electric bills each year. The facility is expected to save more than 2 million kilowatt hours annually, which is equal to taking 277 cars off the road.

These efforts do not stop there; phase II of the project includes high-efficiency equipment and a production layout that will make the company eligible for additional rebates and greater annual energy savings at the facility.

"This facility is a strong commitment to the community of Dubuque, and strong commitment to our environmental sustainability initiatives, " says Mark Zelle, plant manager at Progressive. "Alliant Energy's energy efficiency programs help us produce a competitive product while limiting the effect Progressive Processing will have on the environment."

“Progressive Processing has really done this project right. We were able to help them direct the project toward solutions that saved the most energy, and brought them the most financial advantage,” said Craig Clefisch-Strategic Account Manager, Alliant Energy. ”While regulation and environmental efforts have led to increased base energy costs, customer efforts like these reduce energy usage and bring customers significant savings”

Alliant Energy offers numerous rebate programs for residential business, farm or commercial facilities in Iowa. Custom rebates are available for energy-savings projects that do not qualify for standard equipment rebates. Making energy-saving improvements in commercial facilities reduces energy use and results in lower energy bills for yearts to come.

The Commercial New Construction program is available to Alliant Energy's retail electric and/or natural gas customers in Iowa. To qualify, new commercial buildings and building renovation projects must be located within Alliant Energy's Iowa service territory. For more information, see our new construction information or call 1-866-ALLIANT.