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With the labor, education and technology resources that biotech companies need, the Alliant Energy states are home to a growing number of life science firms.



Why the Midwest?

Here's a quick look at just a few of the advantages of doing business in the Alliant Energy states:

  • State-of-the-art university research and development training centers with strong programs in biotechnology and computer science.
  • Well-educated and productive work force with professional/technical skills in microbiology, chemistry, engineering and computer science.
  • Strong biotechnology industry presence.
  • Access to agricultural resources necessary for testing.
  • Low business taxes. Several states in the Alliant Energy territory have various programs offering tax refunds to benefit biotech companies.
  • Reliable energy and modern infrastructure. Armed with the latest analytical tools and instruments, Alliant Energy's PowerCure team works with your company to identify and solve power quality problems.
  • Great quality of life with short commutes and an abundance of leisure activities. The Alliant Energy states rank high in livability, including affordable housing, lower personal and property taxes and quality of schools.

Research and Development Assets

Alliant Energy states are home to several strong research institutions.

State Initiatives & Incentives

With numerous incentives and programs available, the Alliant Energy states are committed to growing the bioscience industry.

What Our Customers Say

Badger State Ethanol - Monroe, Wisconsin

“Because of Alliant Energy's involvement with ethanol developments in other parts of their service territory, they had a quick understanding of what we needed. Within a day, they responded with a site in Monroe that could potentially meet our needs. After introducing us to the site and city officials, we knew quickly this site would work.”
Gary L. Kramer, President and General Manager

Bushel Boy Farms - Owatonna, Minnesota

Taking advantage of Alliant Energy's Shared Savings program, Bushel Boy Farms bought and installed high-pressure sodium lighting. The company will pay Alliant Energy back out of their guaranteed energy savings in just three years.

"We are very satisfied with Alliant Energy and the job they did for us. Shared Savings is a great idea."
Jay Johnson, President

Monsanto - Grinnell, Iowa

"Our project was no easy task, since we needed a 14-month build schedule completed in only nine months. They got the project done in the short time frame they were given, and brought it in on budget."
Greg Boyce, Project Manager