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Save energy, save money and earn rewards for Oelwein

Hometown RewardsIntroducing the Hometown Rewards program from Alliant Energy.

When you save energy, everybody wins. And now there's one more reason to do so – Alliant Energy's Hometown Rewards program.

This program rewards your town for reducing its energy usage either by adopting energy-efficient behaviors (turning off lights, unplugging unused electronics, etc.) or investing in energy-efficient upgrades (like compact fluorescent light bulbs, new insulation, etc.). If your town is successful, Alliant Energy will give your community a reward.

What kind of reward are we talking about? An energy-efficient one that will remind Oelwein about its commitment to efficiency for years to come.

Oelwein’s Hometown Rewards goals

  • Reduce city-wide energy use by 4% by December 2015.
  • Learn how to save energy through workshops and events.
  • Have at least 5% of households get an energy assessment.
  • Need 50 community volunteers to be leaders in the program.

Kick-Off at the Plaza
Thursday, May 29 at 5:30 p.m. – Oelwein Community Plaza

Join us to kick off Hometown Rewards in Oelwein. What is Hometown Rewards? Come and find out what it is and what steps you can take to help us reach our energy saving goals. 

Bring the whole family for walking tacos and hotdogs, live music, kid’s activities, energy efficiency exhibits and door prizes.

Oelwein Hometown Rewards contact:

Deb Howard
Chamber Coordinator
Oelwein Chamber & Area Development
25 West Charles Street
Oelwein, IA 50662

Phone: 319-626-5700 Fax: 319-626-3288