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E-Community Pilot Results

Community Accomplishments

A look at the accomplishments made by our pilot communities.


 E-community Dubuque

The comprehensive goal for E-Community Dubuque was to stimulate awareness in energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental protection.

Learn about a few of Dubuque’s successes [PDF]



E-Community Grinnell

The mission of E-Community Grinnell was to build a sustainable, city wide program that would increase energy efficiency measures among all residences and businesses, and increase the use of energy from renewable sources.

Learn about a few of Grinnell’s successes [PDF]


Mt. Vernon

E-Community Mount Vernon

The mission of the Mount Vernon E-Community project was to build a sustainable community-based program that will provide a foundation in energy conservation techniques and practices.

Learn about a few of Mount Vernon’s successes [PDF]