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Alliant Energy's Hometown Rewards

The Alliant Energy Hometown Rewards program is a partnership that encourages all community members - residents, government, businesses and industries - to develop and implement energy management initiatives that save money and improve the environment. This voluntary program is offered to a limited number of towns in Alliant Energy’s Iowa service territory, selected through an application process.

Alliant Energy Hometown Rewards encourages residential and business customers in Iowa to reduce their energy usage either by adopting energy-efficient behaviors (shutting off lights, turning down the furnace, etc.) or investing in energy-efficient upgrades (compact fluorescent light bulbs, new insulation, new appliances, etc.).

Alliant Energy offers many resources to help make your town’s participation a success:

  • Program guidance, ideas and advice
  • Community-specific energy analysis
  • Energy-efficiency education materials
  • Marketing materials
  • Energy-efficiency rebates

Working together, we’ll set specific energy-savings goals at the beginning of the program. We’ll also work with you to develop your action plan, as well as provide some funding for learning and marketing opportunities. Once your goals are achieved, Alliant Energy will reward your community with a cash reward to be used on a predetermined energy-efficiency community project.