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Apply for a Community Grant

The Alliant Energy Foundation made some changes to our Community Grants Program in 2015, which includes revised focus areas and grant cycles. Please note the following schedule for 2016:

Grant CycleGrant Request Submission DeadlineGrant Request Submissions AcceptedDecision Date

March 1

February 1 – March 1

May 1 

September 1

August 1 – September 1

 November 1

Step 1 – Eligibility Questionnaire
Community Grant applications may be submitted in the 30 days prior to each deadline. The Community Grant application deadlines are March 1 and September 1.
Start the application process by completing the
Eligibility Questionnaire.

To apply for a Community Grant, you must first take a brief Eligibility Questionnaire. You will be asked a series of yes-or-no questions that will help determine if your organization and request fit within our guidelines.

If your responses to the Eligibility Questionnaire do not fall within our guidelines, you will receive a message indicating why and will be given information regarding other Alliant Energy Foundation programs.

Step 2 – Bookmark the link

If your responses to the Eligibility Questionnaire indicate that you/your organization are qualified to apply for a Community Grant, you will be directed to our eGrant system. Please note: The eGrant site does not open until 30 days prior to the application deadline.

Once you access this page, we highly recommend you add this page to your favorites so you are able to bypass the Eligibility Questionnaire in the future.

Step 3 – Register

If you have not already done so, the eGrant system will ask you to register by creating a login and password. Once you register or create an account, the information will remain in our system for you to review and update each year.

You are registering on behalf of your organization, not as an individual. Please make note of your login and password and share with others within your organization that will need access to your application in Alliant Energy Foundation’s eGrant system.

Step 4 – Application Questions

Similar to previous print versions of our request form, the eGrant system will prompt you to answer a series of grant questions. Sample questions are posted for your reference. Another benefit of the eGrant system is that you will be able to save the work done on the Community Grant application as you go, and submit it at a later date. Please adhere to grant making cycle and application deadlines, posted at the top of this page.

Step 5 – Submit My Data

Upon completion of the application questions you must hit “Submit My Data” to complete the process.

The eGrant system will send an electronic confirmation that your request has been received. It will also communicate when a decision has been made, or when other updates on grant requests are available.

For additional information regarding the Community Grant application process, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you do not find the information you need there, you may also contact us at foundation@alliantenergy.com or 1-866-769-3779.

Community Grants Program Guidelines [PDF]