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Matching Gifts

matching gift program

The Foundation’s Matching Gifts Program is one of the most generous around. Each eligible donation, made by Alliant Energy employees or retirees, of $25 or more (up to an annual individual maximum of $10,000) to any qualifying educational or charitable organization is matched dollar-for-dollar.

In 2012, employees, retirees and Board Members of Alliant Energy Corporation seized the opportunity to enhance their generosity with over 3,500 gift requests to the Matching Gifts Program. Through this remarkable partnership with the Alliant Energy Foundation, over $1 million was contributed to charitable organizations..

Eligible contributions matched (in millions of dollars)

Matched contributions chart by year 

Eligible donations have held relatively constant over the past years despite the down economy.

Frequently asked questions

Does Alliant Energy offer an employee Matching Gifts program for cash contributions?

Yes. The Alliant Energy Foundation matches - dollar for dollar - each qualifying donation of $25 or more (up to an individual maximum of $10,000 per year) to any qualifying educational and charitable organization.

Active Alliant Energy employees and retirees of Alliant Energy or one of its predecessor companies are eligible to participate in the program.

How does the Matching Gifts program work?

Eligible participants complete a simple form and return it, along with their monetary contribution, to a qualifying educational or charitable organization.

That organization then completes the form, verifies the gift and returns it to the Foundation office, where we process the request and subsequently distribute the funds.

Can we - as a non-profit organization - distribute the Foundation's Matching Gifts form to donors that we know are employees or retirees of Alliant Energy?

No. The Foundation's Matching Gifts program is driven by the participant, and we do not make the form available to non-profit groups to distribute.

You can certainly remind your donors that the program exists and encourage them to use it; however, the forms are made available only by the Foundation and only to eligible participants.