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Internship Program

Launch your professional career with an internship at Alliant Energy

Careers - InternsWhy Alliant Energy?
Are you looking to take those next steps in establishing your career prior to graduation? Do you want to gain experience and knowledge in an industry that is evolving and has great career potential? Look no further than an internship at Alliant Energy. 

At Alliant Energy we take our Internship Program seriously. We strive to provide meaningful and applicable work experience to the fields of study you are pursuing.  We offer internships for a variety of majors, including engineering, environmental services, information technology, accounting, human resources and more.

Our Internship Program is structured to provide you with "real" work and the opportunity to learn more about the many facets of Alliant Energy and your profession. Read our testimonials to discover how internships at Alliant have influenced career paths for our program participants.

Our program includes several group events and activities to give you a chance to meet other participants and learn more about the operations of the company.

There are opportunities to have an internship throughout the calendar year. Typically, our program is the most active during the summer months. The duration of our internships are based on your schedule and our business project needs.

What do we look for in interns?
We look for individuals that are motivated to learn, eager to apply what they are learning in the classroom, and excited to make a difference in the communities in which we serve. As an intern you will be part of integral projects and company initiatives so we look to you to provide your input and fresh perspectives.   

In what Alliant locations are our interns working?
A majority of our internships are located at our Madison and Cedar Rapids General Offices. There are also interns that are based at our power plants throughout our service territories in Wisconsin and Iowa. The location of an internship is dependent upon business needs and the type of work assigned to the intern.

What opportunities are currently available?
We post all of our internship opportunities on our Career site as they become available throughout the year. We encourage you to create a job agent so you are notified when the next opportunity within your area of interest is available.