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Wisconsin Rates

Keeping an eye on costs, pursuing cleaner energy

For the first time since 2010, we’ve adjusted our electric and natural gas prices (base rates) in Wisconsin for residential customers.

Why? Because we’re focused on a long-term strategy to achieve a cleaner, more efficient power mix. That requires an investment in our generation fleet. At the same time, we’re managing costs and keeping stable rates for customers.

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Impact to my bill

Residential bill impact: For typical residential customer using 660 kwh/month, the bill increased $4.38/month starting January 1, 2017

We’ve made investments in emissions controls for our coal plants. Our base electric rates (which constitute 75% of the bill) have been stable since 2010. 

Natural gas
Residential Bill impact: Average residential bill increased $3.47 per month starting January 1, 2017.

We’ve expanded our natural gas infrastructure due to high demand and the low price of natural gas. Alliant Energy’s retail natural gas base rates have decreased since 2010. After the adjustment, these bills are still 3% lower than 2010 levels (1% lower for distribution rates and 2% lower for natural gas itself).

2017 rates
Wisconsin residential customers [PDF]
Wisconsin commercial and agricultural customers [PDF]
Wisconsin industrial customers [PDF]
Wisconsin renewable energy customers [PDF]

Changes to Time of Day rates 2017 - 2018
Residential customers [PDF]
Business customers [PDF]
Industrial customers [PDF]

Pricing plan choices

Fixed Amount Bill: No surprises!Fixed bill icon with clock and calendar
Fixed Amount Bill is a pilot plan, and participation is limited.

Want predictability in your electricity bill? Similar to cable and internet services, we will offer a plan to calculate your average electricity usage and then set your bill at that amount for 12 months.

  • No increases during hot summer months
  • No fuel cost adjustments
  • No true-up based on usage at the end of 12 months

We will provide a customized quote based on your actual past usage and expected weather for the upcoming 12 months. 

Please note: Fixed Amount Bill sets the electric bill amount only and does not apply to your natural gas bill. It is not necessarily the lowest cost option. Other limitations may apply. 

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Nights and weekends rate plan

Do you use electricity mostly on the weekends or late at night? If so, you can save.

Electricity costs fluctuate every hour of the day. During the work week, especially on hot summer days and dark winter evenings, costs are higher due to high demand. On nights and weekends, demand for electricity goes down and so does its cost. Customers who use most of their electricity on weekends or late at night will save money on this plan.

If you try Nights and Weekends for 12 months and it no longer fits your lifestyle after 12 months, you can switch back to the Standard Residential Service Rg-1 rate at any time.


Learn more about the Nights and Weekends rate plan


Plan rates:

Residential Service Time-Of-Use Rg-5
Residential Service Demand Rate Rd-1

Green programs and rebates

Image of green world with renewable energy sourcesIt now costs even less to go green, thanks to wind power.
You can sign up for our Second Nature program to offset your conventional electricity usage with locally sourced green power. We reduced the cost from $.02/kwh to $.014/kwh.

The cost to offset:

  • Half of a typical residential bill for 700 kwh is $5/month (previously $7/month)
  • Half of a typical commercial bill for 3,300 kwh is $23/month (previously $33/month)

You can choose to offset 25%, 50% or 100% of your electric usage.


Considering an electric car?
Charge at home; charge it fast

Electric vehicles are a win for customers and for the environment. They lower transportation and operating costs and reduce environmental impacts.

To help this growing market, we now offer a rebate for up to $500 for fast home charging stations.


See how we’re providing cleaner, cost-effective energy

Compared with coal, natural gas is now:

  • Cheaper – Natural gas prices are at near-historic lows and are forecasted to remain low, making it, for the first time, a viable year-round fuel.
  • Cleaner burning – Carbon emissions for natural gas are about half of coal’s.
  • Faster to ramp up or down – We can maximize use of wind and solar energy during windy or sunny conditions.

Since 2005, we’ve been retiring, refueling and refurbishing our coal-fired power plants and investing more in our natural gas generation infrastructure. Natural gas generating stations keep the lights on at night when the wind isn’t blowing. They can also ramp down quickly to a back-up level when our renewable power sources are running at full capacity. This positions us to deliver more cost-effective, renewable power over the long term.

Generation timeline showing more diversified energy sources now into the future

Customer Q&A

Why did you raise your rates?
For electricity, we are making our coal plants as clean as they can be. For natural gas service, we have expanded our distribution system to meet greater demand due to the low cost of natural gas.

Did you raise the fixed charge for residential electric customers?

Yes. Our fixed charge is $15 for electricity. Our fixed charge has been in the $5-8 range since 1995.

Is the fixed charge increase in addition to the overall bill impact?
No. The average bill impact (~$4/month) is the total effect on an average bill of the increase in the customer charge and the decrease in the variable charge.

My Time of Day rates have changed. How do I know which rate is best for me?
Residential customers can contact us at 1-800-937-0189. Commercial customers contact your Key Account Manager or the Business Resource Center at 1-866-255-4268.

How much lower are natural gas bills compared to 2010 levels?
After our increase is taken into account, generally residential natural gas bills are about 3% lower than they were in 2010. This is due to both lower natural gas distribution rates with Alliant Energy and lower costs of the natural gas itself.

If you are vision-impaired or have some other disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act or a similar law, and you wish to discuss potential accommodations related to shopping or ordering on or using the benefits of our website, please contact Alliant Energy at 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268).