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2014 Iowa Electric Rate Agreement

Customers of Alliant Energy’s Iowa electric utility will see no increase in their base electric rates through 2016. Credits will also be included in customer bills based on the three-year agreement filed with the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) today.

The agreement is a collective effort by Alliant Energy, the Office of Consumer Advocate, Iowa Consumer Coalition, and the Large Energy Group. It will become effective when approved by the IUB.

The customer credits will be $70 million in 2014, $25 million in 2015 and $10 million in 2016. These credits will appear in the energy cost portion of customers’ bills. Other parts of the bill are described below.

The agreement will extend the electric base rate freeze that has been in effect since 2011.

Between 2011 and 2014, Alliant Energy will have invested about $750 million in Iowa’s electric system to improve electric reliability and the emissions profile of its generating stations. This agreement offsets the cost of these investments with savings from the new nuclear purchased power agreement that began in February 2014.

"The base rate freeze and bill credits will continue to support the competitiveness of our Iowa customers and communities," said Tom Aller, President of Alliant Energy’s Iowa utility. “We are pleased that through the collective efforts of our stakeholders, we can propose the unanimous agreement to the IUB, and appreciate their consideration of this proposal.”

Alliant Energy continues to invest in the Iowa electric system to:

  • Improve the environmental profile of our electric generation by continuing our support of renewable energy and reducing emissions at our existing generation stations.
  • Construct the natural gas fired Marshalltown Generating Station, which will add additional flexible and reliable electric generation to our portfolio when completed in 2017.
  • Improve customer reliability by investing in the electric distribution system, which has helped significantly reduce outage length and duration since 2010.

Base Rates
This portion of a customer’s bill includes daily kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage charge and monthly demand charge or basic service charge. They include the costs to generate power and send it through your community to your home. This portion of the bill only adjusts in rate cases.

Regional Transmission Service
This portion of a customer’s bill adjusts annually, and reflects actual costs to deliver power from power plants to communities across the state.

Energy Cost
Learn more about the ‘Energy Cost’ line item on your bill. This portion of a customer’s bill adjusts monthly. It includes the cost for fuel to generate power and purchase power. This adjusts automatically every month.