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Wisconsin Utility Rates

Alliant Energy-WPL logo Wisconsin Power and Light Co. (WPL), Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin utility subsidiary, is benefiting its customers through a two-year base rate freeze. WPL electric base rates are currently frozen at 2012 levels throughout 2013 and 2014, while WPL gas base rates were reduced in 2013 by 7% and then they are frozen at that decreased level throughout 2014.

Under Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) rules, WPL is still required to file annual electric fuel cost plans. In June 2012, WPL filed its 2013 fuel cost plan and requested a reduction in electric fuel costs. The PSCW ultimately approved an approximate 2.8% reduction in electric bills due to lower fuel costs for 2013. In July 2013, WPL filed its 2014 fuel cost plan and requested a 3.1% increase in electric bills due to higher expected fuel costs. The PSCW will make a final decision regarding WPL’s 2014 fuel cost plan in December 2013. Also in July 2013, the PSCW ordered WPL to refund dollars to electric customers due to lower than expected fuel costs for 2012. WPL managed its fuel cost better than forecasted for 2012 and electric customers will benefit by getting a refund in the fall of 2013.

WPL currently has the lowest residential electric rates among the five investor-owned utilities (IOUs) in Wisconsin. WPL commercial and industrial electric rates are also among the lowest in comparison to other state IOUs.

Alliant Energy continues to aggressively manage our costs to minimize customer rate increases while maintaining our customer service, reliability, energy efficiency and environmental commitments.