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Alliant Energy lights up Cedar Rapids skyline for safety

April is National Safe Digging Month

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – March 31, 2014 – This week, the Cedar Rapids skyline will serve as another reminder about digging safely.

Each year, Alliant Energy responds to hundreds of accidents where either a contractor or a homeowner dug into a buried natural gas or electric line. These accidents are dangerous and costly. People who hit lines can put themselves and entire neighborhoods in danger, and face criminal fines.

Alliant Energy offers a free service to avoid these accidents. Anyone who plans on doing any digging or landscaping can call 811 at least two days before they dig. By calling 811 before digging starts, buried lines are located and marked above ground so someone can safely dig around them.

To bring attention to this free and valuable service, the Alliant Tower will again display 811 on the west-facing side of the building for the first week of April. The message will be most visible from dusk until midnight.

“Safety for both our customers and employees is a top priority at Alliant Energy,” said Richard Sublett, senior manager of compliance and operational performance. “We hope customers see this message and remember the importance of calling 811. Making the call is more than a smart idea, it’s the law.”

By calling 811 your local One Call Center will contact all utilities with assets near you, including gas, electric, cable, internet, water, and others. Crews will then mark the location of any underground service lines on your property. If you live near the state-border, call the direct line to avoid confusion.

  • In Iowa: Iowa One-Call, 1-800-292-8989

Failing to call before digging or starting to dig before the lines are properly marked can result in injury or death, and even severe penalties and fines. When digging, stay at least 18 inches away from the marks. If you make contact with a buried line, call 811 to report the damage. Don’t cover up the damage, because it could eventually become a hazard. Reported damage is repaired by Alliant Energy so buried lines stay safe.

For more information about 811, visit alliantenergy.com/call811. To learn more about Alliant Energy’s work to protect its pipelines, call 1-800-257-3645, or visit alliantenergy.com/pipelinesafety.


Media Contact: Justin Foss, 319-786-4788