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Alliant Energy readies for upcoming ‘steam blow’ at Prairie Creek Generating Station

Company set to clean steam lines and new boiler system between November 15th through November 20th 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – November 12, 2013 – Alliant Energy will begin a scheduled ‘steam blow’ cleaning process at the Prairie Creek Generating Station in Cedar Rapids this week. The cleaning process is one of the final steps necessary to completing the installation of a new steam boiler at the generating station.

The company expects the cleaning process to begin around November 15th and be completed by November 20th. Periodic ‘steam blows’ will occur between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and are expected to last approximately two to four minutes each time.

“We appreciate our neighbors’ patience and understanding during the cleaning process,” says Richard Tripp, Alliant Energy – Prairie Creek Generating Station plant manager. 
Steam blows are critical to ensuring the reliability of the new steam boiler system and the quality of the steam. The process cleans the steam lines and the boiler prior to starting the unit to remove any foreign matter or debris remaining in the equipment and steam piping after installation is completed.

“The new boiler system will enhance the reliability and redundancy of our steam system for our industrial customer in the area,” adds Tripp. “We recognize that unusual increases in noise levels at the generating station can cause concern that something is not working properly. However, the cleaning process is a part of the process to ensuring that the new steam system will be operating normally when commercial operation begins.”

The company expects steam blow decibels to reach approximately 120-130 decibels.

The company expects the noise level to be comparable to a jet airplane engine. Neighbors and businesses near the Prairie Creek Generating Station can expect to hear periodic low rumbles from the release of the steam. Area residents may also notice greater than normal levels of steam released from an area near the generating station during the cleaning process.


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