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Our Environmental Commitment

Commitment isn’t just a word at Alliant Energy, we work every day to create a clean, safe and healthy environment for customers and future generations.

Land and wildlife
Alliant Energy protects our natural resources and the wildlife that depend on them. Learn more about our efforts including tree planting programs and our work protecting the habitat of the Karner Blue Butterfly and Peregrine falcons, Sturgeon, and Osprey nests.

Renewable energy
Alliant Energy works to provide our customers with balanced energy solutions that are environmentally responsible, reliable and cost effective.  Alternative energy sources include: wind, solar, hydro, biomass and aerobic digesters. 

Customers interested in making a difference should enroll in Second Nature, our green-pricing program. If customers would like to go further and generate power on their property read more about customer-owned generation.

Performance and compliance
A critical element of Alliant Energy’s strategic plan includes investing in our largest and most efficient electric generating units. Recently-approved and proposed federal environmental rules require substantial reductions in mercury (Hg), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions at our generating stations. We have continued installing emission controls at several of our generating stations.

Energy efficiency
If you're looking for ways to cut your energy costs at home or work, we have the expert advice you need! Available are tips for reducing energy use and valuable information from Pete and Megan of Alliant Energy’s PowerHouse.  When making energy-efficient purchases for your home, farm or business, don’t forget about rebates that make energy-efficiency more affordable.

Code of conduct - the environment
The way we do business at Alliant Energy shows we are committed to a clean, safe and healthy environment. Alliant Energy is committed to complying with all environmental laws and regulations. We must integrate environmental requirements into all planning, decision-making, construction, and operating and maintenance activities we perform. Employees must conduct work in a manner demonstrating Alliant Energy’s concern for preserving natural resources and protecting wildlife – acting in accordance with our Core Value of Responsibility.

Environmental Report
The Alliant Energy Environmental Report highlights our environmental performance over the last year. It’s divided into three sections emphasizing our company's environmental responsibility, our approach to environmental management and oversight and the company’s performance on various environmental-related metrics.