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Peregrine Falcons

Keeping tabs on our peregrine falcons

Alliant Energy continues to support initiatives aimed at saving peregrine falcons, which were nearly extinct in the Midwest a decade ago. While the falcons themselves have no real predators, their eggs are targeted by animals like raccoons. This is why the nesting boxes are placed up high on the stacks of the power plants, where the falcons have the greatest chance of successfully hatching.

Nesting boxes have been placed on the stacks of power plants near Ottumwa, Burlington, Lansing, and Clinton in Iowa and Edgewater, Nelson Dewey and Columbia power plants in Wisconsin. More than 1,000 young falcons have hatched at power plants along the Mississippi River and its tributaries in the Midwest since the start of the Raptor Resource Project’s Peregrine Utility Program in 1988.