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Customer-Owned Generation

Sell your power to Alliant Energy

Alliant Energy is increasing the use of renewable energy in our energy mix in order to create a sustainable and affordable balance for our customers. For years, we have been purchasing the excess power from customers who have installed solar panels, small wind turbines and other generation sources at their residence, farm or business.

Customer Owned Generation - SolarCustomer-owned or distributed generation systems connect to Alliant Energy’s electric grid. They utilize our grid to both buy power from us during times when these systems are not producing enough to meet customer demands, and sell power to us when these systems are producing more electricity than is needed.

Before you install your own generation system

It is commonly considered a “best practice” to maximize energy efficiency prior to generating energy. Please take a look at the Tips for Saving Energy section of our website to better understand how we can assist you in conserving energy and saving money prior to investing in your own generation system.

Before you install rooftop solar, you may want to consider a less expensive option: joining our Second Nature program. Second Nature is a voluntary program that allows Alliant Energy residential and business electric customers to support electricity generated from renewable resources. There is no special equipment to buy and no lifestyle changes needed.

If you want your residence, farm or business to be completely or partially powered by renewable energy, a popular option is to install rooftop solar panels. While the cost of rooftop solar has gone down, a system can still cost thousands of dollars depending on the type and size of system installed. 

As you explore further the installation of rooftop solar panels or another form of distributed generation, you need to examine whether a system makes sense for you. One good resource for more information is the U.S. Department of Energy’s website, which provides information on rooftop solar, small wind electric systems and hydropower systems.

Prior to the installation of rooftop solar panels, customers should ask several questions. Use this rooftop solar checklist as a tool to get a better grasp of the process and to track important information.

Customers interested in connecting their own electric generation system to Alliant Energy’s electric grid must complete the interconnection process before operating the generator. This includes entering into an interconnection agreement and receiving written permission from Alliant Energy.

The purpose of this process is to protect our customers and employees from the risks that could result from the improper installation of customer-owned generation. The requirements are in place to ensure safety for all and the safety and reliability of the electrical system.

When planning a generation installation, please contact Alliant Energy's Renewable Hotline at 1-800-972-5325 or email sellmypower@alliantenergy.com as early as possible in order to meet interconnection, distribution system and safety requirements.

Regulations and requirements vary by state and are sometimes complex. Interconnections must be approved by the utility prior to connecting your renewable energy system to the electric grid.

Please select your state to find out more information.