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Pole attachment requests - IPL

Requirements for Pole Attachment

The following are key requirements and process steps for attaching any wireline or associated equipment to an IPL facility.

  1. A Master Pole Lease Agreement must be on file (or in process) at IPL. (If you do not have an existing agreement with IPL, please contact Joint Facility at ipl_joint_facility@alliantenergy.com.)
  2. A completed on-line Pole Attachment Request (application) form must be e-mailed to Joint Facilities at ipl_joint_facility@alliantenergy.com.
  3. An IPL Field Engineering review of all structures and approval of each attachment must be completed.

NOTE: The Pole Attachment Request form is used specifically for wireline attachments (wire, cable or fiber). Please contact Joint Facilities if you have questions related to placing other types of attachments on IPL poles.

Pole Attachment Request form [.xls]

Process Steps – What to Expect

  1. Complete all unshaded areas of the on-line Pole Attachment Request (application) form. A signed Cover Sheet is required for each application. For specific instructions related to each field on the form, please see the Form Instructions information below. Forms that are not complete will be returned via ‘Reply’ e-mail.
  2. Save the form (Excel spreadsheet) and attach it via e-mail to ipl_joint_facility@alliantenergy.com. The required documents identified in the Cover Sheet must be included in your e-mail. If you require more than the (100 poles) allowed on the form, a separate application will be required. You will receive a confirmation ‘Reply’ e-mail once the Request has been successfully received. Maps or drawings in .pdf format must also be attached to the e-mail. Maps should clearly show city name, street names, and reference point locations that correspond with the application form. 
  3. An IPL Field Engineer will review the Request for accuracy. If inaccuracies are discovered, the Request will be returned to you. If information appears to be accurate, IPL Field Engineering will contact you regarding a field survey of the facilities identified on the Pole Attachment Request. IPL Field Engineer charges will be billed regardless of the need for make-ready or attachment approval.
  4. If make-ready is required, estimated charges will be communicated to you, and will be billed if you decide to continue with attachments on the proposed route. When payment is received, the IPL Field Engineer will schedule make-ready construction, and will contact you when it has been completed. The Alliant Energy Make-Ready Estimate is only valid for 14 days. If IPL does not receive acceptance within 14 days, a new application will be required.
  5. Attach your wires and wire-line equipment as specified and approved by the IPL Field Engineer. The date of attachment approval (if no make-ready is required) or make-ready completion will be the effective date of the attachments, and the records will be entered into IPL’s tracking and billing systems.
  6. Notify the IPL Field Engineer immediately once you have finished attaching to IPL poles.
  7. The IPL Field Engineer will perform a billable post-construction review of the new attachments. All time associated with the post-construction review is billable to the company requesting attachments. If violations are found, approval will be denied until corrections have been made.

Form Instructions

Cover Sheet (signature and date required):

Location: Provide the location of the area where you are requesting to attach to IPL’s poles.

County: Provide County name.

Project Description: Provide project name and/or address.

Attaching Company Name: The official name of the company requesting to attach who will maintain and own the attached facilities.

Company Rep. Name: Person responsible for performing the design and requesting attachment to IPL poles. This will be the person IPL will contact for further information or to provide information related to required make-ready.

Attaching Company Billing Address: The street address or PO Box including City, State and Zip where all communication and billing, including engineering and make-ready should be sent.

Attaching Company Rep. Phone No.: The office or cell phone number where our Engineer may contact you during regular business hours.

Attaching Company Rep. E-mail: The e-mail address of Company Rep.

Affiliation of Rep. if Not Attaching Company: If person completing this Request is not affiliated with the Attaching Company, identify the affiliation of Rep.

Attaching Company Principal Communications Type: Choose one of the communication types from the pick list.

Existing Attachments Section: Complete this section only if there are existing attachments on IPL poles covered by this request. This includes the telephone company, CATV provider, municipal or other entity that may own some of the poles, or have attachments on the poles. Other attaching companies may bill you for their costs related to your request.

Required Documents: The Attaching Company must provide wire/cable/fiber specifications.

Request For Pole Attachment (Application):

Complete all unshaded areas.

Project Location or Description: Provide project name and/or address.

Name of Attaching Company: The official name of the company requesting to attach.

Alliant Energy Map and Pole Information: Reference point numbers and pole information listed on application must correspond with map(s). Attach your company’s map which clearly indicates the IPL poles you wish to attach to, or an IPL map is available upon request. An additional map fee may be assessed.

Total Cable/Fiber Diameter (including existing wire): Total diameter of the cable that will be on the pole. If the cable is being overlashed to existing cable, indicate the total diameter of the final attachment.

Overlash: Indicate “Yes or No” if the cable/wire/fiber will be overlashed to existing cable/wire/fiber.

Proposed Attachment Height: Calculate the height at which you propose the attachment be placed. IPL will review the clearance calculations from the proposed attachment to IPL facilities, determine the required clearance based on code requirements and standards requirements, and determine if work needs to occur on the pole. The attaching company is responsible for insuring the attachment meets applicable code ground clearances.

Minimum & Maximum Sag Between Poles: Indicate the minimum and maximum sag between spans that will provide you with code required clearance from other facilities and ground clearance.

Existing Attachments: Indicate the owners of other attachments on the pole. Other attachment owners should be notified of your intent to place cable/wire/fiber on the pole per instructions on the Cover Sheet.

Existing Attachment Height: Indicate height of existing attachments (if applicable).

Questions? Contact us at ipl_joint_facility@alliantenergy.com.