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Safety for Contractors of Alliant Energy

Know the risks of working around overhead power lines and natural gas pipelines. The most obvious and unfortunate cost of accidental contact with power lines or gas mains is injury or death. Contact with utility equipment can also increase insurance premiums and workers' compensation payments, and can damage equipment.

Handbooks and service manuals

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Safety prequalification requirements

Alliant Energy has established a business relationship with ISNetworld (www.isnetworld.com) to help our company objectively manage contractor safety prequalification requirements.

As a result, the majority of contractors performing physical work for Alliant Energy will be required to become subscribers to ISNetworld.

Learn about Alliant Energy's contractor safety prequalification requirements

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Are you a non-Alliant Energy contractor doing work in our service territory?

See our Contractor Safety page to learn more about electric and natural gas safety basics.