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Our Mission/Strategy

Our Mission

To deliver the energy and exceptional service that our customers and communities count on - safely, efficiently and responsibly.



Our Values

  • Safety - our first priority is that nobody gets hurt.
  • Integrity - we keep our promises and adhere to the highest ethical standards.
  • Respect - we treat people with respect and strive to create a workplace where people of diverse backgrounds, talents and perspectives feel like they belong.
  • Service - we commit time and resources to help to make our communities better places to live and work.
  • Responsibility - we are diligent in using resources wisely - caring for the environment, exercising financial discipline, and developing our employees.

We are committed to ensuring that everything we do is consistent with our mission and values.

Corporate Strategy

Focusing our business, preparing for the future

Our Foundation for Success

The foundation of Alliant Energy's Strategic Plan is focused on our core business of delivering regulated electric and natural gas service in our Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota service territories. Our Plan seeks to strengthen our existing business model by outlining key areas of focus and lays the groundwork for our successful future.

Our successful future and that of our customers, communities, shareowners and employees is one and the same.


Customers are the cornerstone of our Plan. Our customers have told us what is most important to them: reliability with exceptional service at a reasonable cost. By focusing on our customers' expectations, this Strategic Plan works to make our customers the number one priority - today, tomorrow and into the future.

The Alliant Energy Strategic Plan is built upon three key elements:

  • Competitive costs - we will manage costs aggressively and explore other alternatives which will enable our rates to be competitive nationally, regionally, or within our states.
  • Reliable service - we will continue to provide cost effective, exceptional customer and community service that all of our stakeholders expect.
  • Responsible resources: We find innovative ways to embrace environmental challenges, improve efficiency and provide resource flexibility.

Our Plan is focused on delivering energy and operating our generation fleet in a way that makes our costs more competitive. Doing so will afford our customers and communities - small and large - the opportunity for continued success.

Preparing for the Future

Technology and emerging public policy will be a significant part of that future. In response to those trends, we will work with our industry partners, including other utilities, customer and utility associations, regulators, public officials and others, to influence and direct technology and public policy to the benefit of our customers.