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Commitment to Compliance

A message from our Corporate Compliance department

Honesty and integrity have always been important to Alliant Energy, and we’re proud to be a company that values ethical behavior and understands the importance of compliance.

To ensure a continued focus on integrity and compliance, we offer a toll-free Ethics Hotline and a Web Reporting System run by an independent company.

Employees, customers, suppliers or any concerned citizen can call (800) 241-5689 at any time to speak confidentially with a professional interviewer who is trained in taking down information about potentially unethical behavior. The Web Reporting System is also available at www.reportlineweb.com/AlliantEnergy for reporting potentially unethical behavior.

If you have a question about the Alliant Energy Code of Conduct, please email us at DL_ethics@alliantenergy.com.

Amy Cralam
Assistant Corporate Secretary & Asst General Counsel – Compliance Program

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Alliant Energy Code of Conduct
For the complete text of the Code of Conduct or additional corporate governance information, please visit our Investor Relations site