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Homegrown, responsible renewable energy

We have a generation portfolio with nearly 1,200 megawatts of generated renewable and alternative energy sources. Most of that comes from wind generators across Iowa, southern Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Cedar Ridge Wind Turbine
Alliant Energy and its subsidiaries own and operate four wind farms.

We also purchase 600 megawatts of wind power from other facilities in and around our service territory.

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Visit our Customer-Owned Generation page to find out how to generate your own wind power.

Benefits of wind power

  • Clean – Wind energy provides electricity that is free of air emissions or hazardous waste. Using wind energy avoids the contaminations of greenhouse gases and decreases the amount of smog and acid rain caused by fossil fuels.
  • Renewable – Wind energy is completely renewable and sustainable. Wind is readily available and doesn’t decrease the natural resources of the world.
  • Reliable – Wind energy systems require minimal maintenance and have low operating expenses. Wind turbines are very reliable. They are available for generating electricity 95% of the time.
  • Cost-effective – Wind is one of the least expensive sources of new, large-scale electricity generation. The fuel (wind) is free of cost, so wind energy provides a stable generation price. In addition, current federal tax credits make new wind farm construction even more economical.
  • Economical – Wind energy production can diversify agricultural economies and add to the tax base. Wind energy projects keep more energy dollars in the communities where the projects are located. They also provide a steady income to land owners.
  • Low-impact – Wind turbines installed in pastures have no harmful effects on people, crop production or livestock grazing. Wind farms are spaced over a geographic area, but their real footprint covers only a small portion of the farmland.
The clean power generated from our wind farms help us meet the renewable portfolio standards in the states in which we operate. In addition, we may sell renewable energy above and beyond those standards for Renewable Energy Credits. The proceeds we receive by selling these credits are used to benefit customers through reduced costs.