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Energy Resource Plan (Iowa)

On August 2, 2012, IPL announced its long-term energy resources strategy. The strategy is a multi-billion dollar plan that balances the company’s supply of energy resources, provides safe and reliable service and maintains competitive costs for the benefit of our customers. There are a number of parts to the overall strategy, which includes plans to:

• Renew the Duane Arnold Energy Center (DAEC) nuclear Purchase Power Agreement (PPA)
• Retrofit larger, existing coal-fired generating stations to reduce emissions and increase efficiency
• Retire older and less efficient coal-fired generating stations
• Construct a combined-cycle, natural gas-fired Marshalltown Generating Station
• Continue commitment to renewable resources and energy efficiency.

Renewal of the DAEC nuclear PPA
In February 2014, Alliant Energy's Iowa utility renewed the DAEC PPA to purchase 431 megawatts of energy and capacity from NextEra through February 2025.

Marshalltown Generating Station
Marshalltown Generating Station renderingIn June 2014, Alliant Energy's Iowa utility issued a Full Notice to Proceed for construction of an approximately 600 megawatt, combined-cycle natural gas-fired generating station in Marshalltown, Iowa. It is expected the Marshalltown Generating Station (MGS) will begin commercial operation in the second quarter of 2017.

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