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Electric Power Generation

Alliant Energy's generation division produces electricity at more than 30 power plants across the upper Midwest, with a total generating capacity over 4,000 megawatts (MW) - enough to light over 2.0 million homes.

Alliant Energy’s commitment to deliver the energy and exceptional service that our customers and communities count on – safely, efficiently and responsibly - can be seen in many ways throughout its generating facilities and efforts to expand generating capabilities.

The generation plans for the company include the purchasing or constructing of natural-gas fired electric generating facilities, implementing emission controls and performance upgrades at their newer, larger and more-efficient coal-fired electric generating facilities, construction of new wind generating facilities, purchasing newer and more-efficient coal-fired electric generating facilities and retiring certain older and less-efficient coal-fired generating facilities.

New Marshalltown Generating Station
In 2012, Interstate Power and Light Co. (IPL) announced plans to construct, maintain and operate a new 650 megawatt electric generation facility in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Environmental Compliance

Our industry is facing a multitude of new EPA and state regulations, including new rules to reduce emissions of SO2, NOx and mercury, new rules to control coal ash handling and disposal, and new rules to regulate water usage and discharge from power plants. Compliance with these new rules, and the desire to have a more diversified generation portfolio, are the major drivers behind our plans to transform our generation fleet.

Alliant Energy will utilize a variety of actions to reduce the company’s emissions including fuel switching, coal-fired generation retirement, and utilization of additional natural gas-fired electric generation. The company will also install emission control equipment to assure compliance with the new rules. Alliant Energy plans to equip our larger generating units with a full array of emission control equipment. Some of these projects have been completed, some are currently underway and others are in the planning stages.

Natural Gas-Fired Generation

In 2009, Alliant Energy purchased a natural gas generating facility in Neenah, Wisconsin, which has a nameplate capacity of 300 megawatts (MW) and the company expects to purchase the 600 MW natural gas-fired Riverside Generating Station near Beloit, Wisconsin in 2013. In August 2011, the company announced plans to evaluate the potential construction of a new, 600 MW natural gas-fired electric generating facility in Iowa to meet the future demand of its customers.

Natural gas-fired generation stations provide a key source of power for days with higher demand for electricity, while also providing electric generation that is low in carbon emissions.

Alliant Energy continues to evaluate the types of capacity additions that must be pursued to meet customers’ long-term energy needs. The company is monitoring several factors that will influence those evaluations, including changes in long-term projections of customer demand and environmental regulations.

Wind Power Investment

Renewable power also remains a focus for Alliant Energy. The company owns three wind farms that are all in full operation. These wind farm investments represent about 500 MW of renewable generation. Along with the company’s continuing purchased power agreements for wind power, this wind generation continues Alliant Energy’s long-standing position as a leader in use of locally-produced renewable energy.

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